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You've done it! Your book is written, and you're ready to get it into the hands of your readers. But before you hit the “publish” button on Amazon (or Kobo or Nook), you know you have one more step.


This part can feel overwhelming. Intimidating.

That's why I'm here—your editing specialist, ready to empower and equip you to publish your book with confidence. I offer premium copyediting and proofreading services that will polish and tighten your manuscript, bringing it as close to perfection as it's ever going to be.

The editing process can be one of the most exciting stages in the book-writing process; it's watching your book take shape before your eyes! And when you work with an editor who understands the indie market and process, you won't have to be overwhelmed anymore—you'll be ready.

Let's get your book ready for the spotlight.

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for editing services? This is the place for you! I offer a specific editing package just for you.

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